2020 Honda Passport Elite Review, Specs, Engine, & Features

2020 Honda Passport Elite Review, Specs, Engine, & Features – Last noticed in 2002 as an incognito Isuzu Rodeo, the Honda Passport is back for the 2019 model year. The old model was initially dropped in favor of the first Honda Pilot, so it’s kind of odd that the new one was created from today’s version of the automaker’s family SUV. The match shares a chassis, V-6 powertrain, and very similar models. But the Honda Passport is different: it’s a two-row, five-seat CUV that works well as an efficient, safe commuter and moonlights as something of an off-roader.

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2019 Honda Passport Elite 2020 Honda Passport Elite Review, Specs, Engine, & Features

2019 Honda Passport Elite

I swung by Moab, Utah-a Mecca for enjoying in the grime-for a day with a 2020 Honda Passport Elite AWD to observe how it manages the civilized world, as nicely as what lies over and above. As is true of both cars and folks, look makes the strongest first impact. From the front, the Passport closely resembles the Pilot, and by extension the Ridgeline pickup as well. Some joke that the Passport looks like the last Ford Explorer-they’re not wrong, specifically when it comes to the triangular tail lamps. Just like almost every other crossover on the market, the Passport dons black plastic cladding alongside the base of its bodywork, which tricks the eyesight into finding more ground clearance than is in fact there. It’s not an unattractive vehicle, but it drops quickly of exclusive or durable.


Inside, the Passport is small and practical with all main controls readily available-again, much is lifted from the Pilot here. Both a 5-inch or 8-inch Display Audio infotainment system will welcome you according to trim level, all equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a privileged volume button. Wireless charging and cabled USB connectivity can keep your phone prepared and charged. Lower-leg room is adequate in each the front and rear seats, even for the more and more common Large-Waisted Homo sapiens. A raised roofline assures the same for individuals high in the upper body.

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On EX-L models and up, all seats are cut in leather. Equally front row seats are needing for much more thoracic support, though, upholstered in substance that’s on the smooth side for something that’s designed to hold passengers in place in the course of off-road trips. It’ll jiggle them on the road too because the Passport Elite doesn’t ride as well as one would wish of a vehicle that costs $44,725 shipped. But much more on that in a minute. Drown out the strangely too much wind sound in the cabin (perhaps attributable to the fact we had been driving pre-production models) with the 2020 Honda Passport’s audio system. Sound quality on the 10-speaker set up seen on increased trims is adequate to make Slim Lizzy tolerable and conventional totally enjoyable. Place the second option on, and you can hold a kindergartener’s ballroom boogie in the yawning 41.2-cubic-foot cargo location. Just be sure there’s no Black Flag on that playlist, or these kindergarteners will rip up the floor, in the procedure finding the added 2.5 cubic feet of “home” storing space. A lot more room is unlocked by folding down the rear seats at the touch of a button if you’re reloading anything heftier than a handbag of french fries-say, a small kayak.

2019 Honda Passport Elite Review 2020 Honda Passport Elite Review, Specs, Engine, & Features

2019 Honda Passport Elite Review

Honda adores you, but it understands you’re not best, so it’s removed forward and fitted each and every Passport from the entry-level Sport to the top-shelf Elite with its Honda Sensing safety watchdog tech. This system points sensors every which way to forecast, prevent, or lessen the impact of accidents, and is one of the Passport’s greatest offering details; numerous of its competitors don’t come with similar techs like automatic emergency braking or adaptive cruise control as standard, if at all. Arrive 2022, the system will be on every single Honda.


Should your weekend break toys are as well big for the cargo keep, you’ll be grateful that the 3.5-liter V-6 with 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque offers a shocking pull rating of 5,000 pounds in the AWD Honda Passport (3,500 pounds for FWD). Velocity with a payload of this size won’t be amazing, as an unladen Passport doesn’t knock any stockings off even with just two individuals on board. Throttle and brake inputs continue to feel pleasantly analog, as you’d hope from a Honda, but the steering noticed far away from it, all bogus and worthless weight. All around, it’s completely decent to drive, conserve for a bit-rigid ride that could be mitigated by far better seats.

These power specs are do-the-job amounts, and the transmission does its finest to remain conservative in purchase to split 20 miles per gallon into most driving problems. Even AWD models need to get more than 20 mpg if you aren’t driving in the city, where they’ll give back 19 mpg. Slight lowering in fuel economy doesn’t just come with the boon of improved towing capacity but in addition a lot more off-road ability than is usually found in the sector. For $1,900, the optional i-VTM4 AWD comes with mild .8-inch lift over FWD Passports and a couple more than the Pilot. This is a true torque-vectoring system that delivers the power to the wheels who have hold via a differential as an alternative of braking, and it’ll happily show you the current distribution with a clever dash graphical. It’s a novelty, obviously-off-road driving needs eyes-up attention-although the AWD system’s terrain configurations are far more significant.


Four driving area configurations that alter traction control and powertrain conduct may be picked with a button attached powering the drive selector: Normal, Snow, Dirt, and Sand, for the scenarios their brands imply. Mud mode acquired the greatest work out in the course of our off-road excursion, having the Passport properly across more than one footwear-sucking, rust-red bog. The 2019 Passport also bested a small number of small, flowing creek beds that crossed our route; Honda didn’t say how high the engine’s air filtering was located, but chances are you’d be reluctant to wade a Passport through anything at all deeper than a baby’s bathtub.

2019 Honda Passport Elite Specs 2020 Honda Passport Elite Review, Specs, Engine, & Features

2019 Honda Passport Elite Specs

Honda talked of sporty driving dynamics, and of 70 % of torque going to the rear axle. This warranted an attempt to make the Passport do donuts, but the end result was a group of understeer, even with traction control off. A Honda employee stated that the traction control button only partially disables the program and that there was a Konami code to fully closed it down. Unfortunately, he was sworn to never reveal it.

2020 Honda Passport Elite Release Date & Price

There are sacrifices to be made when developing an all-rounder vehicle like the Honda Passport, and individuals sacrifices show up to happen to be created in the refinement department. Its driving dynamics need one more couple several weeks in the barrel, and one wouldn’t imagine as a passenger they were seated in a vehicle that cost practically $45,000 provided. The off-road chops are impressive for the type; problem is, they’re not amazing adequate to overlook the Passport’s on-road insufficiencies. Items like an in the same way-equipped Jeep Grand Cherokee or Toyota 4Runner are higher priced, but also much more capable.

Nevertheless, the Passport has tipped up its sleeves: available safety tech, a nicely imagined-out (if vanilla flavor) interior, and that famous Honda trustworthiness, all of which supply a specific serenity of brain even in a place as notoriously tough as Moab. A lifted Isuzu Rodeo will outpace it over seriously rough terrain-but given time, the 2019 Honda Passport will catch up, as the determined more youthful sibling constantly does.

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